Beginning Meditation

Begin Meditation the right way

Beginning to meditate? Want to meditate for wellness? Want to meditate to destress? for concentration and focus? be more alert? not get distracted? overcome depression? for calmness? to sleep well?

At Purnam, Meditation for beginners are simple to follow, easy to apply on your own. You will understand the nuances of the practice so to benefit maximum from its practice. Every posture, every breath and every intricate step need to be done right so the meditation is effective and benefits immediate. Meditation is useful and effective only if it is done the right way.

Learn the right way the first time and benefit quickly. Avoid many years of undoing later because you learnt it wrong elsewhere.
An effective meditation must bring about a permanent transformation, personal growth, joy and clarity. It is not to be a periodical daily moments of detox of the mind but a complete clearance of the negativity of the mind.
Scientific studies has proven meditation has profound effects on the physiological and psychological wellness.A calm and serene mind can achieve much and be fulfilled.
Purnam meditation is not just only about meditation but also about meditativeness beyond the seat of meditation. Here mediation is combined with essential wisdom of life that brings permanent transformation and well being.
Avail this very useful and beneficial free session that will catapult your life for best.
Take this life transforming offer. There is nothing to lose but much to gain. It is absolutely free. Why?  Purnam Meditation retreat values genuine seekers of clarity and contentment through meditation. It is our way of sharing the inner joy and being grateful to existence.
Meditation to me was to sit in silence, with spine erect, eyes closed and think of God. I was wondering why would one need a meditation center for this. This can be done at home without paying. I happened to visit your retreat to unwind like any other holiday but your free meditation session was an eye opener. The subtle truth of meditation and dropping of wrong ideas got me intrigued with meditation.
Bala, Oracle, Hyderabad

Book a free guided basic meditation session. Benefit from the power of meditation. Act Now!

The toughest thing to control in my life was my wandering thought. It was too negative in nature and it was driving me crazy. I used to be scared of everything and anything. I briefly tried few other meditation but nothing seemed to work, all the concentration exercises was tiring. I almost gave up but then I signed up Purnam. Like fresh air I knew that meditation is to be combined with wisdom to drop negativity. Thank you.
Priyanka, Student, Chennai

Meditation - Basics

Knowing the right nuances of meditation will quicken the reaping of the benefits, saves years of treading on the wrong path

OM Meditation

OM the pranav mantra. The right chanting with correct emphasis on reverberations brings much auspicious in one's life.

Simple Meditations

Master your mind to master your destiny. Bring deep clarity and serenity within to live a fulfilling life.

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