Chakra Meditation

Chakra Mediation to awaken the Kundalini Shakti

Chakra Meditation (Kundalini Awakening) balances the chakra for mental well being and prolonged meditation leads to complete Kundalini awakening. 

An Analogy

Just as the water coming out of a clogged water hose will only trickle the life energy that flows through the spinal cord clogged at the psychological hubs or the Chakra points will be weak.

The cleansing and balancing of these Chakras causes psychological well being and unleashing of the Kundalini Shakti or cosmic energy that has manifested as human beings. This is Kundalini awakening

Chakra meditation is not new to me. I have been practicing it for few years. I happened to visit your center on the raving recommendation of my friend. The explanation of each Chakra, the story of life from Chakra to Chakra, the subtlety in the breathing, pausing and chanting gave me immense tranquility. I couldn't hold my tears of joy. A sense of clarity after it left me speechless. My sincere gratitude.
Michel, Physicist, USA
Chakra Balancing

Each Chakra is unique in its nature and represents a unique characteristic of human behavior. The process of balancing of each chakra is unique. Each Chakra reverberate to a powerful mantra and when done along with appropriate breathing, body posture and movement and meditative focus stimulates the energy point along the spinal cord. The balancing of the Chakras from Muladhara to Sahasrara does the following 

1. removes fears, anxieties and insecurities,

2. brings creativity and innovation,

3. fires up the motivation and the will power,

4. heals hurts and fills one with compassion,

5. purifies the thought and mind,

6. causes deep intuitiveness and

7. peaks to experience the Self as an expression of cosmos leading to Self Realization and Kundalini awakening.

You will learn​

* the significance of 7 Chakra Points,

* the psychological block that is holding you back,

* the Chakra that needs immediate balancing,

* the way to balance and heal each of the Chakra,

* the correct chanting of the mantra,

* the breath control,

* the posture, movement and stimulation of the body for effectiveness and

* the path to kundalni awakening


Option A: 5 day Non Residential Chakra Orientation + 2 day Intense Residential Workshop

Option B: 3 day Residential Chakra Orientation + 2 day Intense Residential Workshop

Option C: 5 day Non Residential Chakra Orientation + 5 day Intense Residential Workshop

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