Meditation Class

The Best Meditation Class happens at Purnam
Nobody teaches the subtle and essential aspect of meditation better than what you would pick at Purnam. To understand why we claim so read till the end. Ask for a free trial class after reading to experience it yourself.
Immediate Benefits of Daily classes

* Calm & Peaceful Mind

* Clarity of thought

* Be free of Stress

* Find purpose of life

* For Spiritual Insight

* Improved Focus & Concentration

* Work - Life Balance
* Strong Mental Strength

* Beautiful Relationship

* Meaningful Parenting

3 times Effective

The meditation classes at Purnam Meditation Center are designed to enable the daily dose of essential meditation. It takes just 45 minutes to refresh and rejuvenate the mind for a day long vigor and clarity. It make you 3 times more productive and efficient.

Importance of Purnam meditative space.

It is a calm and tranquil environment that will immediately uplift the mind, brings the balance, harmony and quickens the process of meditation. See pictures 

Expert Guided Meditation

Meditate under the guidance of an enlightened guru, master the functioning of your mind, attain clarity and peace of mind. Discover your hidden potential quickly. Learn more about guided meditation

Why Purnam Meditation

Because in other meditation centers at Chennai like Isha, AOL, Brahmakumari & Vipassana, there would be trained meditation teachers not an enlightened master to guide you from his direct personal realization and wisdom. What you need in your meditation is not a guide with bookish knowledge or hours of training undertaken but wisdom that can reflect the inner nature of you, address your unique life challenges and answer life question that bring calmness and clarity.


Combination of

1. Hand picked meditation techniques

2. Life Wisdom that brings transformation.


Basic - To destress, gain clarity and to be more attentive at work, study & home.

Advanced - Realizing the spiritual dimension towards self realization.


* 60 minutes daily

* Timings - AM: 6,7,8,10,11 & PM: 5,6,7,8

* Batches - Daily, Weekly thrice, Weekends


Volunteer / Donation / Paid

Ask for a trial class

Purnam Meditation classes will not be the regular run of the mill meditation class but will cater to the individual need. It is the only meditation center in Chennai that the participant has a direct access to interact with an enlightened master to learn the extreme subtle details of meditation and life. Ask for a free trial to experience the uniqueness of the meditative experience. Sign up and join us know by booking your spot. Book now on +919789997878

Book an absolutely free session on personal life worth Rs 5000 and transform your life. Act Now!

Book a free guided basic meditation session. Benefit from the power of meditation. Act Now!

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OM Meditation

OM the pranav mantra. The right chanting with correct emphasis on reverberations brings much auspicious in one's life.


Benefit from the wisdom of the master of meditation and life through guided meditation and interaction

Sleep Well

A sound sleep rejuvenates the body and mind. Master this must meditation and slip into deep calmness every sleep.

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