Meditation Technique

What is the best meditation technique? Is it connecting with a supreme power? Is it breathing in a particular manner? Is it witnessing the thought? Is it chanting mantra?
Meditation is not a technique. Meditation can't be practiced. The practices are only to facilitate meditation to happen.
Meditation readies the mind to be receptive but when the insight for transformation is not sowed a permanent wellnes in life doesn't happen. Try Purnam Meditation by availing the absolutely free meditation session by booking your free spot.
Grab this life transforming offer. There is nothing to lose but much to gain. It is absolutely free. Why?  Purnam Meditation retreat values genuine seekers of clarity and contentment through meditation. It is our way of sharing the inner joy and being grateful to existence.
My initial response on the free offer was skeptical. I nevertheless tried out of curiosity knowing there is no cost nor obligation. I was surprised that I was all these many years practicing meditation that is really not meditation. There is so much i could benefit just from the free session. Purnam Meditation is certainly a place where one should learn the nuances of meditation..
Srihari, SBI, Hyderabad
If only I had known meditation by itself wouldn't bring joy beyond the seat of meditation I could have looked at the missing link much earlier. I always seem to have pleasant experiences in the seat of meditation but once in thick of life situations all my calmness is gone. Purnam Meditation gave me the wisdom and insight into the missing link that my meditativeness is slowly expanding beyond seat of meditation.
Ramya, Wipro, Bangalore
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