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The Meditation Retreat for Clarity & Inner Peace

Purnam Meditation Retreat is a calm place to discover your inner peace and serenity. Here you would enjoy moments of deep silence that allows you to destress, find solutions, reflect and reinvent yourself. Here you could choose to learn the most essential subtle aspects of meditation that you can carry home and bring a permanent transformation.

A meditation retreat in truest sense

Guaranteed Transformation and How?

Meditation Programs

What makes Purnam Meditation Unique?

What would you do here?​

Benefits of Meditation Retreat

Ranked #4 in India & #1 South India


Meditation Packages 

A meditation retreat in truest sense

Access to Wisdom - The quintessential of a meditation retreat is the wisdom and this is abundant in the form of an enlightened master who you could interact with for immense clarity and serenity. You will be transformed the way you would approach your life.

Tranquil Space - Purnam Meditation Retreat is set up in a beautiful calming space that allows inner tranquility to be experienced. Learn more about the meditative facilities and how it transforms you.

Being in the flow - At Purnam, meditation happens in everything you do. It allows you to tap into the infinite wisdom of the cosmos. So, there are no rituals here. There are activities that you could choose to indulge in.

Meditation - Purnam Meditation Retreat understands meditation is about being aware of "What is". In that sense there are no must do meditations. But there are effective meditation programs that are designed for the beginners and the seasoned meditators. You could choose to sign up to learn the subtler aspect of meditation or be on your own non guided meditation or just do nothing.

Guaranteed Transformation and How?


The stress, the confusion, the depression, the disharmony in relationship, the insecurities, the fears, the lack of motivation and many more have a single common thread the "thought". The nature of your thoughts determine the happiness and serenity quotient.


The nature of thoughts depends on the current understanding of life, existence and its functions. For a permanent transformation in the quality of your thinking it is essential you gain clarity on the above. With a clear mind fears, stress, anxiety and negativity simply drops from your system permanently.

Meditation Program

There are meditation program that meet varied objectives. Whether you are a beginner or just curious or been meditating for years there is a meditation just for you. Simple meditation for daily destress to intermediate meditation that solve life challenges to advanced meditations for spiritual awakening can signed up or customized as a package.

Meditaion programs are guided meditation that could be 1 on 1 or small group. Guided meditation would be under the guidance of a master of meditation and life. The questions on life that arise from the meditation would be addressed in the program,

Learn more abut meditations that are specifically designed for retreat  - Mindfulness, Chakra Meditation (Kundalini Awakening) and 5 Elements Meditation.

Click to Know more about the list of varied meditation programs

What makes Purnam's Meditation Unique?

Purnam's meditations when compared with meditations of other meditation centers and retreats vary due to the following​

1. A non conventional approach to meditation where material abundance is given importance with spiritual abundance.

2. All guided meditations at Purnam will include essential wisdom for effectiveness and permanent transformation.

3. Easy and direct access to wisdom in the form of a living enlightened master to guide you through the intricate path on meditation.

What would you do here?

At Purnam Meditation Retreat your day would be mix of meditation, exposure to wisdom,  silence, relaxation and rest. There are activities both in house and nearby. You decide what you do here. You could opt to sign for guided meditation programs or just be on your own without opting for it.

Ranked # 4 in India, # 1 in South India

Travel Triangle a prestigious travel site places Purnam Meditation Retreat as top 4 best meditation retreat in India. To be ranked high in just months of its operation speaks about the positive impact it has on peoples' lives. 

Benefits of Meditation at Purnam Retreat

*​ Find Calmness & Inner Peace

* Gain Clarity & Solutions

* Contemplate & Reflect

* Direct live interaction with an enlightened master

* Get answers to questions on life and consciousness



I happen to go to Purnam meditation & retreat to relax and clear my mind about some confusions in my relationship. But what happened over a week was phenomenal and fulfilling experience. I came to know more in depth about myself that I was not aware during 40 years of my life. The villa and the environment has got all the ingredients in tune with nature to be with yourself and contemplate on life. Most important of all, the time that I spent with Mr. Senthil is priceless. He is instrumental in helping me know and understand more about self and life besides clearing my mind of confusions. I would suggest that anyone visiting this place should spend at least some time with him. It is one of the unique and rare places and must go for people who wanted to relax, be in tune with the nature, clear your confusions and most importantly be with yourself. ~ Arshad, Infosys, Bangalore

Be ready to be Transformed

One thing we guarantee is you would get back transformed. The seeds of transformation will be sowed for sure. A soothing tranquility will bloom within you. ​

Two things that all guests say about Purnam Meditation Retreat.

1. I am pleasantly surprised by the deep transformation in such a short time. I am truly indebted to you for such clarity. I am truly blessed and lucky to be here.

2. I will come back as soon I can plan one more trip. I just don't feel like leaving this tranquil center. I wished i had planned a longer stay there is so much more to gain.

And we are sure you would say and feel the same way.

Meditation Package

Ask for a custom design package based on the planned duration of your stay. A meditation package based on the number of days of stay, intensity and objective can be tailor made to maximize benefits. The stay could range between 1 day to 10 days.

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