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The best Spiritual Retreat in India for Spiritual Awakening & Self Realization.

Self realization is the key for clarity and a fulfilling complete life. Read till the end to know how Purnam Spiritual retreat is the perfect retreat center for your spiritual awakening, growth and Self Realization.

What is Spiritual Awakening aka Self Realization? And Why?

What it takes for Self Realization?

What should you do for Self Realization?

How can Purnam Spiritual Retreat help in your spiritual quest?

How would you be spiritually awakened at Purnam?

2 Spiritual Program

Benefits of Spiritual Awakening


What is Spiritual Awakening aka Self Realization? And Why?

The Self that you already are is an expression of this divine cosmos. The Self that you are is currently ignorant of its truest nature. It is unaware of some of the subtler aspects of itself. For example it is aware of the body and the breath with bit of attention but some finer aspects like the mind and intellect is mostly unaware of. The complete awareness of the Self makes the Self realize it is not a separate entity of the cosmos but a continued expression of the cosmos. The realization of which brings harmony, inner clarity, bliss and fulfillment because life is lived in the timeless reality of Here and Now.

What it takes for Self Realization?

For Self Realization the intellect must be able to pierce through the veils of Maya - Illusions. The mind is deluded to perceive the Self as a separate entity. In such perception of duality fear and desire sets in. Caught up in the vicious cycle it gets sucked into further ignorance and delusion. For the intellect to pull itself out of this ignorance it must have a very deep yearning for wisdom and clarity. The thirst would be the driving factor that determines whether it gains access to wisdom. The sincere the thirst - curiosity - is the guaranteed is the happening of wisdom to that intellect.

What should you do for Self Realization?

Spiritual Awakening is only for those who are courageous to journey through the supposedly tumultuous path of one's mind. Fear to know the unknown keeps them away from tapping on to the bliss of life. The fear to look within oneself is an imagined fear. The moment you see it fully you would know you were just scared of your own shadow. There can be no better freedom from the fears. You can know how Purnam Spirtual Retreat help in dropping the fears in the following section. 

* Contemplate deeply on life and consciousness

* Question Everything including existence of God

* Re-Question what you think you got it right

* Realize the science and nature of existence

* Allow knowledge and theory be transformed to wisdom and realization

* Find answers to fundamental questions "Who Am I"?, "How did this existence come about?"

* Be committed and thirsty on the spiritual quest

* Get exposed to wisdom that awakens you

* Interact with an enlightened master to allow realization and clarity to happen.

How can Purnam Spiritual Retreat help in you spiritual quest?

Purnam Spiritual Retreat is a paradise to quench your spiritual thirst. It is a retreat where you could cut off from the chaos of worldly demands, immerse yourself in its calm quietude and get intensely focused on your deep contemplation. The tranquility of Purnam retreat readies your mind to slip into meditation and be receptive to insightful wisdom. At Purnam spiritual retreat your fundamental understanding of life and consciousness would be questioned, ignorance shattered and clarity realized. You will have a direct interaction with a spiritual master who has been in this spiritual path before to guide you for a quick spiritual growth, awakening and Self Realization.

How would you be spiritually awakened at Purnam?

Fears drop when clarity sets in. At Purnam Spiritual Retreat your day would be mix of deep contemplation, meditation, exposure to wisdom, interaction with the enlightened master, silence, relaxation and rest. This way you would identify the fears, know the missing intricate impotency of it and be free of it.

The interaction with the enlightened master and the contemplation following it would bring about the clarity within. This clarity would be on life, consciousness and Self. The more the clarity that sets in the more is the spiritual awakening and Self Realization. When the intellect is aware of its true nature in all its completeness it is enlightenment.

2 Spiritual Program

There are two types of spiritual programs.

A. Structured - Suitable for the incipient into spiritual quest. There would be scheduled meditations, spiritual contemplation, sat-sang over the period of stay. There are both residential and non residential day programs of 1 to 10 days. Ask for a customized program.

B. Non Structured - Suitable for seekers who have deeper insight on life and consciousness but need more clarity to happen. There will be no scheduled sessions but the entire stay would be on a quest mode with many direct interactions - both 1 on 1 and group - with an enlightened master.

Benefits of Purnam Spiritual Retreat

* Self Awareness & Self Realization

* Attain clarity in the spiritual Quest

* Attain fearlessness, bliss & fulfillment.



But what happened over a week was phenomenal and fulfilling experience. I came to know more in depth about myself that I was not aware during 40 years of my life. The villa and the environment has got all the ingredients in tune with nature to be with yourself and contemplate on life. Most important of all, the time that I spent with Mr. Senthil is priceless. He is instrumental in helping me know and understand more about Self and life besides clearing my mind of confusions. I would suggest that anyone visiting this place should spend at least some time with him.  ~ Arshad, Infosys, Bangalore

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