Guided Meditation

Why Guided Meditation?

Meditation allows you to be aware of the most serene. calmest and clearest aspect of the Self. The path to serenity is clouded by thoughts, ideas, beliefs and dogmas. The nature of the thought that occur in your mind is based on the current understanding of life, existence and its functioning. The better the understanding the less is the clouding. The less the clouding the greater the clarity, maturity and serenity in one's life.

What guided meditation should be?

A guided meditation then should be a combination of 

1. Technique

2. wisdom.

The technique would tell what is the best posture, the best mudra, the best breathing the dos and don'ts of navigation in the path to serenity. The techniques would take you to the point of what causes the clouding. It shows where the factory of negativity, confusion, insecurity and anxiety exists. The technique by itself can do no more to clear the causation of negativity. At this point it is essential to introduce wisdom - the right understanding of life. It is wisdom that will destroy the causation of negativity. In the absence of this essential catalyst the mind misses an opportunity to transform.

Wisdom is that crucial factor that brings about a permanent transformation. Guided meditation then is not a guide to just the technical aspect but also a guide to dislodge the confusions, sufferings and fears. A personal guide who would expose the wrong beliefs and ideas, loosen the knots of confusion and aid in freeing from the strangulating negativity is essential for a quicker freedom from fear, anxiety, stress and suffering.

Why Purnam Meditation Retreat & Center?

At Purnam Meditation a guided meditation involves both technique and wisdom. We understand that without wisdom meditation is just a ritual and is ineffective in long run. Purnam Meditation is more interested in your permanent transformation than a temporary feel good just in the seat of meditation. We are serious and sincere in your transformation and take extra care to solve life challenges than teaching techniques.

At Purnam Meditation guided meditation is 1 on 1. An individual attention is necessary as each person is unique and so are the challenges. The master of meditation and life will be your personal guide to achieve your meditation objectives - happiness, clarity, freedom, success, Self realization and Awareness. Benefit immensely through the direct personal interaction with the master of meditation and life. Bring the right energy and clarity in your life for complete living.

Areas of guided Meditation

Purnam Meditation offers guided meditation to overcome anxiety, fear, insecurity, confusion, anger and other negativity. Purnam guided meditation on sleep, OM (AUM), Chakra (Kundalini), Neti Neti, 5 Elements, transcendental and mindfulness will truly bring a transformation that you must experience.

Take this life transforming offer. There is nothing to lose but much to gain. It is absolutely free. Why?  Purnam Meditation retreat values genuine seekers of clarity and contentment through meditation. It is our way of sharing the inner joy and being grateful to existence.

As a beginner to the world meditation I definitely wanted a guided meditation program. I signed up for the basic guided meditation just to get a hang of it. I must say I thoroughly cherished it and could feel immediate surge of rejuvenation. I didn't know that a simple art of breathing with awareness could be so refreshing and relaxing.
Ramya, Hyundai, Chennai
Chakra meditation is not new to me. I have been practicing it for few years. I happened to visit your center on the raving recommendation of my friend. The explanation of each Chakra, the story of life from Chakra to Chakra, the subtlety in the breathing, pausing and chanting gave me immense tranquility. I couldn't hold my tears of joy. A sense of clarity after it left me speechless. My sincere gratitude.
Michel, Physicist, USA

Want clarity? A bit of wisdom would help? Take this step forward and there is no more looking back! Just click the button below and book your session for free. 

Meditation - Basics

Knowing the right nuances of meditation will quicken the reaping of the benefits, saves years of treading on the wrong path

OM Meditation

OM the pranav mantra. The right chanting with correct emphasis on reverberations brings much auspicious in one's life.

Simple Meditations

Master your mind to master your destiny. Bring deep clarity and serenity within to live a fulfilling life.

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