Life Transformation

If you have watched the above video you would know that you reading this is because of your committed search to transform. The good news is you can transform and the best news is the solution is right within you.
Your mind is the blueprint of your life. Your blueprint is your current understanding of life, how you perceive and respond to situations, your beliefs, ideas and opinions. To transform, the blueprint has to be redrawn. For desired results, the construct of your mind has to be built correct.


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Life transformation program works on bringing clarity to the mind so the stifling fears and anxieties drop. It combines meditation, psychology, deep insights and life wisdom to bring about the necessary transformation.

All life transformation programs adhere SISOSU methodology. SISOSU is a unique non conventional life and mind coaching program carried under the banner of My Key To Life. You could get more information on the process and methodology at

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Life Transformation Programs

You have been inadvertently stopping yourself from living the life you aspire. Free yourself from the self strangulation, confusions, depressions, anger, guilt and sufferings through the below life transformation programs.


Being Clear

Confused? Indecisive? Feeling Stuck? Time to get clarity and get out of the stagnation.

Stress Free

Work Stress? Parenting Stress? Relationship Stress? Stress is a sign wrong understanding of life. Set it right.

Being Calm

Angry? Frustrated? Vengeful? Destroy these negativity before it destroys you. Let serenity engulf your life.

Meditation without the wisdom of life is like the fertile soil without the seed. There will be no blooming of plant nor transformation of life. This catalytic wisdom happens only at Purnam Meditation.

"When I joined the program I was having a dilemma about life, I was restless, I had fear of people, I was not having clarity in my mind. Thus every situation I had faced, approached it with a fearful manner. Senthil took a lot of care understanding my mind, my ideas of life. His wisdom helped me to understand life. Now, I am calmer, poised, I don't see life fearfully. It's like a paradigm shift. Even my family started seeing that change and appreciated me. This did not fix only a few aspects of life. Rather every bit of it. When one has clarity in mind by inference one would comprehend they play around in it's true sense. Overall I had a new life in a sense - Calmer mind, Sharp Intellect, Success, Better relationships. I strongly recommend Senthil. Surely it would be a great journey, the end of which there will be enlightenment.serene."   ~ Sagnik, CTS, Kolkota


Fear Free

Is fear your companion all times?Are you scared of pursuing dreams? stepping out to interact? Free yourself from all fears.



Nurture beautiful and fulfilling relationships - parenting, spouse, friends. Let there be mutual love and respect.



Get insight and life wisdom from the comfort of your home though online video private sessions for 1 free session.

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Guilt Free

Consumed by guilt, shame and fear? Time to free yourself by treating you with little more compassion.


Being Happy

Happiness is your birthright. Reclaim it. Find your zest for life. Be free of depression and mental agony.


Being Active

Many ideas but no action? No enthusiasm? Postponing? Then time to get your zest back to pursue your dreams.