Life Transformation

Are you looking to transform yourself?

  • lead a happy and successful life?

  • lead a life filled with good health and wellness?

  • lead a life free of guilt, shame and regret?

  • lead a life free of insecurity and fear?

  • lead a life free of stress?

  • feel productive and active? 

  • be passionate at your work and career?

  • handle and be on top of any challenge that has come your way?

  • remain unaffected by toxic relationship?

  • nurture beautiful and meaningful relationship?

  • love and be loved?

  • live a life filled with contentment?

If yes is your answer then let’s work on your transformation. For transformation all you need is

1. Clarity – as to how to bring about transformation

2. Commitment – absolute sincerity to transform

That’s all it takes! To a mind that is genuinely seeking nothing is denied that is the law of existence. You certainly can transform and you will.

1. Clarity on how life functions

To transform your life you should have clarity on the nuts and bolts of how life operates. Two life forces determine every action and inaction of yours. They are

  • Desire

  • Fear

Both these forces are yours and determine the quality of your life. Your desires are the accelerator and your fears are your brakes. When you drive your life with both the accelerator and brake pressed simultaneously life sure will skid and crash.

Desire gives you the direction and motivation but with fear looming life is mostly lived in inaction, postponement, regret, frustration, confusion and discontent.

Most dreams don’t take off because of the fears. You simply hold yourself back from living. Most toxic relationships continue because of insecurity to let go. Most talent go wasted due to fear of being judged. Fear plays havoc in your life. To have a permanent transformation this needless fear has to go.

This deep rooted fear is the reason for comparison, jealousy, anger, hatred, guilt and other negativity. When fear is dropped out of your psyche every other negativity drops too.

The only way to drop fear is delve into your mind within and see for yourself the fallacy that you hold dear causes your fear. The coming to be aware of this fallacy also releases fear. This delving into the mind to its deep realms is possible only through deep meditation and piercing wisdom.

Meditation readies the mind to delve within but strong beliefs, dogmas, ideas and assumed values will obstruct clarity from happening. For serenity to last beyond the seat of meditation these dogmas and beliefs has to be penetrated to reach to deeper realms of the mind. The way out to reach there is the exposure to wisdom that questions every strong belief and dogmas that you have accumulated over the many years. With the dawn of wisdom and disappearance of ignorance the mind is clear and fearless.

When you choose to meditate ensure that you are exposed to the wisdom to dislodge your fears. Meditation without wisdom is just a ritual that can bring no significant transformation.

Purnam Meditation Retreat & Center at Chennai is definitely a place where meditation and wisdom go hand in hand. It is a center where you truly transform  both in your inner world and outer world. True to its Name “Purnam” a complete transformation is guaranteed.

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2. Be Committed

Be sincere. Your sincerity to your own growth determines the extent of clarity and the pace at which it happens. The cosmos will manifest ways to make it happen for the committed.

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Life Transformation Programs

Transform your life with a combination of simple meditations and life wisdom. Gain subtle clarity on why you have been inadvertently stopping yourself from living the life you aspire. Free yourself from the self strangulation, confusions, depressions, anger, guilt and sufferings through the below meditation programs. The solution is right here and now.

Being Clear

Confused? Indecisive? Feeling Stuck? Time to get clarity and get out of the stagnation.

Stress Free

Work Stress? Parenting Stress? Relationship Stress? Stress is a sign wrong understanding of life. Set it right.

Being Calm

Angry? Frustrated? Vengeful? Destroy these negativity before it destroys you. Let serenity engulf your life.

Meditation without the wisdom of life is like the fertile soil without the seed. There will be no blooming of plant nor transformation of life. This catalytic wisdom happens only at Purnam Meditation.

Guilt Free

Consumed by guilt, shame and fear? Time to free yourself by treating you with little more compassion.

Being Happy

Happiness is your birthright. Reclaim it. Find your zest for life. Be free of depression and mental agony.

Being Active

Many ideas but no action? No enthusiasm? Postponing? Then time to get your zest back to pursue your dreams.

"I tried many meditations before and for almost 13 years but had no effect. Then meditations at Purnam was a blessing that happened. I realized that I was never meditating all those years. I was just chanting mantras, witnessing thoughts and the usual. At Purnam I came to know meditation just readies the soil but the essential wisdom is the sowing of the seed. This missing factor truly made me meditative and serene."   ~ Ram, Bangalore, IT

Fear Free

Is fear your companion all times?Are you scared of pursuing dreams? stepping out to interact? Free yourself from all fears.


Nurture beautiful and fulfilling relationships - parenting, spouse, friends. Let there be mutual love and respect.


You could choose to get insight and life wisdom from the comfort of your home though online video private sessions

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