What's Meditation?

In a Nutshell

Meditation is about living 100% each moment, each day for your entire life. Meditation is about being completely aware, conscious, clear of what you do and of what you think in each moment. Meditation is about being mindful, alert and alive to life challenges. There are many more useful benefits listed below. Read it fully to benefit fully.

Why Meditate?

Who should Meditate?

How to meditate?

Why meditation doesn't happen?

What happens in meditation?

What meditation does?

Busting Meditation Myths

Guided Meditation

Why Meditate?

Meditation is about more power to the Self. Every action that a human performs needs the engagement of the mind. For better performance and better living a mind that is at its peak will yield the best result.

You could be Roger Fedrer, Messi, Ronaldo, Tendulkar, Bill gates, Narendra Modi an expert in your chosen field but your talent and skill comes to a naught when the mind is confused, lost and depressed. Meditation is about keeping your mind clear, calm and strong at all times.

It gives you confidence, clarity, direction to pursue your life goal. It makes you creative and innovative to find solutions to life challenges.

Who should meditate?

Everyone who uses the mind must meditate. Just as keeping the body fit and healthy requires flexing the muscles keeping the mind serene and clear makes life beautiful and worth living.

Meditation is a must for all ages and all genders. A student needs a sharp mind, a homemaker needs a calm mind, a business owner needs a decisive mind, a corporate executive needs an alert mind, a spiritual seeker needs a serene mind. Everyone needs a mind that functions as intended. Mediation takes care of that need.

How to Meditate?

Meditation happens! There is no effort needed to create silence. It is all ever pervading. What stops one from experiencing this silence is the noise over it. To experience this silence one must stop making the noises. Similarly to experience the bliss of a meditative mind the inner chatter has to end.​ That ending is meditation.

Why meditation doesn't happen?

That's because the inner chatter is not like a switch to on, off and regulate. If that's the case every negative thought can be easily switched off. The nature of the thought and the inner chatter depends on the level of current understanding of life. Unless and until the understanding is correct and complete the chatter will not end.

A forced silence like Vipassana meditation will not work in the long run because the causation of the thought has not undergone any transformation. Similarly every other technique like breathing patterns, mantra chanting and mudras is not a solution by itself but an enabler, a pointer to where the wrong understanding or knot lies. Without transforming your current understanding meditation will not happen effectively.

What happens in meditation?

As a beginner you will experience a dawn of silence and calmness in the seat of meditation. It destress and relaxes you. But to carry the effect beyond the seat of meditation the causation of the stress that is the thought has to undergo transformation. These times one could come to know more about one's personality and characteristics, the nature of life and existence. Eventually meditation can also let the unknown known and lead to Self Realization.

What meditation does to your mind?

* Calms the mind

* Brings Clarity to the mind

* Makes the mind solid

* Awakens the Self​

Busting Meditation Myths

Though the below techniques ready the mind meditation remains incomplete.

* Meditation is not about focusing

* Meditation is not about listening to inner voice

* Meditation is not about visualizing God

* Meditation is not about chanting Mantra

* Meditation is not about its duration

* Meditation is not about connecting to higher source

* Meditation is not about posture

* Meditation is not about direction of sitting

Guided Meditation

Understand meditation the right way soon. A guide who has been able to drop the causation of negativity of the mind through right understanding of mind and life will be an immense help in your meditation. Learn More about guided meditation.

Experience the power of guided meditation by booking a free session.

Meditation - Basics

Knowing the right nuances of meditation will quicken the reaping of the benefits, saves years of treading on the wrong path

OM Meditation

OM the pranav mantra. The right chanting with correct emphasis on reverberations brings much auspicious in one's life.

Simple Meditations

Master your mind to master your destiny. Bring deep clarity and serenity within to live a fulfilling life.

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