Purnam's Meditation

Understanding Meditation

Meditation enables you to realize a subtle aspect of you that remains untapped. Aspects as to serenity and clarity that you had always been searching for lay untapped simply because the path to it is unknown.


Meditation is more commonly associated with closing your eyes, focusing on breathe, chanting mantras and witnessing thoughts. But there is more. It is about facilitating the mind to get subtle and sharp to be aware of the self inflicting damages you are causing to yourself inadvertently. It is about readying the mind to be aware of the very causation of fearful and troubling thoughts. It is about annihilating the causation of negativity - fears, anxieties and insecurities through deep awareness. That means meditation technique must be combined with wisdom because wisdom alone has the clarity to realize the fallacy that one is holding to. To know more on what, why, how on meditations read FAQs on meditation.

What Next? Exposure to Wisdom!

Practicing meditation techniques can't transform but make it receptive to transformation. Now the iron is red hot and is ready to be shaped. It is essential the calm and receptive mind of yours is exposed to wisdom that uproots the wrong and subtle ideas, dogmas, beliefs, insecurities and fears. The awareness of which dispels negativity and suffering from your life. Meditation without this exposure to clarity is just a ritual that will have no significant transformation. When you don't strike when the iron is red hot an opportunity to transform is missed. Meditation is effective only when the technique is combined with wisdom on life and mind.

Why Purnam Meditation?​

At Purnam Meditation Center meditation practice and wisdom go hand in hand. The focus is less on techniques and more on wisdom and clarity. In other words the red hot iron is not left to get cold but more emphasis is given on transforming the mind. This way serenity lasts beyond the seat of meditation and percolates in every action you perform. It also means there are no rigid, tiring and boring practices that drains your motivation.

Guided Meditation

Purnam Meditation is where a guided meditation is truly under guidance. Meditate under the right guidance  directly from the master of meditation and life. It is the only meditation center that offers guidance not just on meditation technique but also on wisdom. It is a 1 on 1 guided meditation that address and customizes meditation to solve unique challenge and meet needs. Easy access to a master on meditation as a personal guide is sure way to usher in clarity and fulfillment in one's life. Click this link Guided Meditation to know more and benefit from it.

Benefits of Meditation

Meditation ensures a fulfilling life. It makes the mind calm, clear and potent to be successful and happy. An incomplete life becomes complete through meditation.

The mind is your root and your lifestyle is the canopy. The quality of life you live depends on the well being of the mind. Mind is nourished by meditation that works - like using the right manure ensures the blooming of the flower. Purnam meditation is that "right" meditation for you to flower.

Meditation Programs

Meditations that best benefits are below and categorized as simple meditations, life transformation, retreat meditations and corporate wellness. A one place list of all Purnam Meditations can be found at Meditation Programs.

Live Free & Happy

Master your mind to master your destiny. Bring deep clarity and serenity within to live a fulfilling life. Know More


Simple Meditation

Recharge and fine tune your mind with simple meditations. Transform your life and begin to live the life you aspire. Know More



Periodic workshops and events to bring about joy and clarity to live life fully. It is a combination of activities, meditations and discourses.

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Retreat Meditation

Unwind in the serene comforts of the retreat. Get your mind rejuvenated to handle the waiting challenges by empowering it with deep meditative clarity. Know More.


Corporate Wellness

As long humans run businesses the success of it depends on the clarity of the human mind. Empower your workforce with serene and potent minds for the competitive edge. Know More


Spiritual Tours

This is the land of the awakened. Awaken the infinite possibility within by joining on short to long trips and arise your level of awareness.

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