OM Meditation

Meditating on OM the subtlest most sound manifestation of the life energy enables one to tap into the infinite calmness and serenity of the cosmos. The all powerful, simple and effective OM meditation enhances clarity and quality of life. OM meditation will eventually allow you to realize that you are the expression of the cosmos or life energy. In other words the serenity of the infinite cosmos is right within you. The tapping of this deep calmness within gives the necessary clarity and fulfillment.

The Pranav Mantra "OM"

OM is the sound of the life energy. It is the sound that arises from the silence, reaches its peak and goes back into deep silence effortlessly. 

OM is of 3 syllables A-U-M. There are many subtler significance of the A-U-M. The common one is A - Creation, U - Sustenance and M - Destruction. It denotes the Trimurti - Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. The silence that engulfs AUM is the Brahman or consciousness.

The effect of Sound on body & mind

Using the effect of sound on the body and mind is the essence of OM Meditation. Each sound is a vibration and manifestation of Element "Air". When the frequency of sound vibration come in contact with frequency of vibration of the human body the altered vibration of the body and mind will have a direct impact on its wellness.

Why Chant OM the right way?

OM Meditation when chanted effectively the reverberation of the chant has an extremely positive and uplifting effect on the physiological and psychological sheaths in humans. It is as close as one could get to experience and realize the womb of silence through sound as a medium. Effective chanting - the sound, the modulation, the tone, the breath, the duration & the wisdom - can bring about clarity & serenity in one's life. Learn to utter the 3 aspects A-U-M right to maximize benefit and revitalize mind.

"There is no better meditation that is so simple yet so effective. It is super simple to learn and apply. That the OM is of 3 syllables A.U.M. and there is a manner to chant each syllable and there are variations with deep meaning in it was a useful insight. Thanks to Purnam meditation and I would definitely recommend my friends."

~ Aishwarya, Bangalore, Trainer

Benefits of OM Meditation

  • Relaxed body and mind

  • A positive and happy mind

  • An energetic and healthy body

  • A creative an innovative mind 

  • A calm and clear mind

OM - Basic

1 Day / 2 Hours

Ideal for those getting introduced to meditation basics & OM meditation. Starts with fundamentals of OM.

OM - Advanced

3 Day / 6 Hours

Each Syllable of A-U-M are emphasized and meditated on with deeper understanding for effective results.

OM - Spiritual

7 Day / 14 Hours

OM is not just a mantra for the body and mind. It is loaded with spiritual depth and wisdom towards self realization.

The experience of each of the syllable of OM reverberating in the tranquil hall of "Dakshinamurthy" is still very fresh in my mind. Just the recollection of the whole experience gives me joy. I practice it daily at home. I taught my kids and I can see a tremendous change in all our lives. ~ Narayanan, Ramco, Chennai

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