7 steps to be free of Stress

Updated: Oct 31, 2019

Are you stressed? Is life hard on you? Do you feel confused, stuck and frustrated not sure what to do next? Is your stress causing mood swings and burst of anger? If yes read further.

Maybe the stress you are undergoing is triggered by the external situation but the inability to handle the situation is internal - because of the wrong understanding of life and reality. You could be in an environment you could change or in an environment that is dominating or pushed down your throat or unchangeable it doesn’t matter your stress is always because of the current wrong understanding of reality and insecurity.

Here are the 7 essential steps to overcome stress

1. Be committed

The power to transform and be stress free is within you. You just need to tap it. The only thing that is required from your end is sincerity towards your happiness and well being. You got to move out of wishful thinking and be committed in your journey.

2. Be Patient

It takes time to dive deep into your mind and understand how you have tied yourself and attracting an unfavourable situation at a subconscious level. It is time for unlearning and it takes time and patience. Give yourself reasonable time to free yourself from stress.

3. Meditate

Meditation done the right way gives the power back to you. Meditation sets the stage for clarity to dawn. It tremendously helps in reducing the noise levels in the mind and readies the mind to be receptive to wisdom.

4. Get exposed to Wisdom

It is essential that the mind has the exposure and access to wisdom and clarity for a permanent realization to dawn. If this goes missing the inner chatter get louder once out of the meditation seat. The inner chatter will go on as long the mind has not come to understand life. The moment realization and maturity dawns, the inner chatter will subside naturally.

5. Spend time with yourself

Have a "Me-Time" set aside only for you. It could be just 5 minutes but the longer the better. In these moments you are not going to entertain any thought on people, family, friends, kids, spouse, finance, work, issues and challenges. Everything can wait. The world can wait those few moments. Breathe easy and be free. Just be with yourself.

6. Contemplate

The more you listen to your inner chatter and comprehend the message that it has always been trying to tell you would realize that the stress is due to certain conflict of interests or insecurity or both. The external world is just a pointer to certain inadequacies within. When the challenge lies within the solution has to be fixed within. The awareness of which allows you to work on yourself for better.

7. Take a Meaningful break

Treat yourself well. Find a calm and serene place that allows you to delve within and transform. Don’t do the usual tourist spots or exotic location. It is momentary rejuvenation due to temporary distractions. You should be able to find a permanent solution that lasts beyond the break. Choose a meditation retreat - such as Purnam Meditation Retreat - that has enough meditative space and elements of meditativeness to quicken your transformation. Spend few tranquil days to reinvent and transform into a serene and clear Self permanently.

Try these steps and let us know your thought in the comment section. We love to hear from you. To those who look to learn meditation basics or understand the nuances of overcoming stress you could sign up for a free session online or in person. You could sign up for a free session at www.purnam-meditation.com/avail-offer

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