Is life happening to you the way you want?

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How much of life happens to you depends on how much of the door you have kept open to it. Just as the sunshine that enters the room depends on how open the windows and doors are the extent of life happening depends on how open you are.

Your insecurity is the only reason that life is not happening to you the way you wish. Your desire to open the window and look at the beautiful outside is stopped by fear of being seen and judged by the outside world. The fear of the imagined unknown outside the window scares you to cherish the splendour of existence.

Without the fear gone life doesn’t happen. One way to get rid of this life depriving energy is to look at your fear, listen to it and comprehend it. When you have paid enough attention and heard it full the strangulation ends. The more you had witnessed your fears without batting an eye the more you would realize the darkness hides no danger.

Meditation is that witnessing. You neither feed the fear nor fight the fear. You simply watch. In that witnessing the fear dissipates, light fills the darkness, life happens!

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~ Purnam Meditation

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