Karma Yoga - Being now and here at work.

Updated: Oct 30, 2019

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Kar means action. Karma means for every action caused there would be a corresponding effect. This is the law of nature. Karma yoga is the yoga through action.

Like every yoga is to bring the awareness to the reality of this current moment - now and here - karma yoga is about being mindful of the action that you are currently performing in this moment.

If you are mindfully reading of this article then you are aware of the action you are performing and since you performed your action with absolute intensity the result of it has to be utmost best - that is your complete comprehending of the message.

Whatever action it may be when performed to the fullest the result has to be the best possible. When your yoga extends beyond this moment to every other moment then you truly achieve the maximum of your potential.

Be a karma yogi at work. It is no secret that an action done well in all its completeness achieves the desired result. Be involved and participate intensely the result that is due will come your way.

~ Purnam Meditation


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