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Meditation Retreat

The best Meditation Retreat in India.

We are not claiming this without a reason. The quintessential of a meditation retreat is the wisdom otherwise it is just a retreat with rituals. For a permanent inner transformation wisdom is the single most important factor.

The tranquility, the hill station, the meditation practices, satsang and every other aspect of a meditation retreat comes at a distant second. It is wisdom that will win hands down all other factors put together. 

This wisdom is not to be in the form of book, video and audio but should be in the form of a living enlightened master. Not just that but the master must also be accessible by you without the need to fight through layers of administrative and procedural code and endless waiting. Without this core element the tranquility of retreat is just momentary and doesn't last beyond the retreat.

This direct interaction with wisdom in the form of an enlightened living master makes Purnam Meditation retreat the best in India and the World.

You would have direct access to the enlightened master rather than trained meditation teachers. You would have direct access to realized wisdom rather than bookish knowledge uttered without depth. You would have direct interaction with a living enlightened master than the works of a master long gone. This one single factor would be the reason why meditation truly happens at Purnam. Come  find harmony within at Purnam Meditation Retreat.

Ranked # 4 in India, # 1 in South India

Travel Triangle a prestigious travel site places Purnam Meditation Retreat as top 4 best meditation retreat in India. To be ranked high in just months of its operation speaks about the positive impact it has on peoples' lives.

Benefits of Purnam Meditation Retreat

*​ Find Calmness & Inner Peace

* Gain Clarity & Solutions

* Contemplate & Reflect

* Self Awareness & Self Realization

* Direct live interaction with an enlightened master

* Get answers to questions on life and consciousness

The Meditation Retreat for Clarity, Inner Peace & Self Realization

Purnam Meditation retreat is a serene place to discover inner clarity and realize the Self. It is a meditation retreat, a spiritual retreat, wellness retreat, a silent retreat - all woven in one place. What you choose to make out of your stay is your choice but what the retreat will make of you is a transformed being.

If you love meditation and meditating there are both non guided and guided meditations for you. The serene silent calmness that is all around would allure you into meditation effortlessly. There are beautiful spacious meditation halls apart from the many meditation spots in the retreat. A few days at the meditation retreat will make you realize the depth of meditation and inner peace.

If you are spiritually inclined and interested in self awareness and realization of the Self then it is a perfect spiritual retreat too. The retreat meditation programs and the direct interaction with the master on non duality and consciousness will transform knowledge to wisdom, theory to direct realization.

If you are looking for a wellness retreat to regroup yourself psychologically it is a perfect place to reflect, contemplate, practice yoga, be with yourself and / or get exposed to wisdom through life transformation program. There are no rigid rituals, no compulsions, no meditations. This is one such place of tranquil quietude where you could be just you. The ambiance and the surrounding provides a perfect setup to relax, reflect and refresh.



I happen to go to Purnam meditation & retreat to relax and clear my mind about some confusions in my relationship. But what happened over a week was phenomenal and fulfilling experience. I came to know more in depth about myself that I was not aware during 40 years of my life. The villa and the environment has got all the ingredients in tune with nature to be with yourself and contemplate on life. Most important of all, the time that I spent with Mr. Senthil is priceless. He is instrumental in helping me know and understand more about self and life besides clearing my mind of confusions. I would suggest that anyone visiting this place should spend at least some time with him. It is one of the unique and rare places and must go for people who wanted to relax, be in tune with the nature, clear your confusions and most importantly be with yourself. ~ Arshad, Infosys, Bangalore

A 5 star luxury meditation retreat

Abundance is the nature of existence. The realization of this abundance internally and externally is the work of meditation. Purnam Meditation retreat is unlike the conventional meditation center gives importance to both the inner serenity and outer luxury. One without the other is incomplete. Purnam Meditation retreat follows no strict discipline, no rigidity, no beliefs, no rituals because nature follows none. Meditation is about being in sync with existence. Purnam Meditation retreat in sync with existence has the following facilities.

Each meditation hall is aesthetically designed for conducive auspiciousness to slip into meditative tranquility.

Meditation Halls

Yoga by beach as the sun rises over the horizon will invigorate the energy system to be in harmony with cosmic energy

Yoga by Beach

Relax by swimming pool or garden, read at the cozy library, listen to bird chirp, cherish the sea breeze in the open terrace and balconies.

Relaxing Facilities

For the spiritually inclined there are powerful and effective meditations to ponder on the Self through Neti-Neti and Chakra Meditation.

Retreat Meditations

A beautiful cafe to unwind, relax, sip coffee over an interesting conversation and games. A calm place to work from home, write & paint.

Me-Time Cafe

Beautiful and spacious room with all contemporary amenities to unwind, relax, work and just be in quietude. 

Luxurious Stay

Be ready to be Transformed

One thing we guarantee is you would get back transformed. The seeds of transformation will be sowed for sure. A soothing tranquility will bloom within you. ​

Two things that all guests say about Purnam Meditation Retreat.

1. I am pleasantly surprised by the deep transformation in such a short time. I am truly indebted to you for such clarity. I am truly blessed and lucky to be here.

2. I will come back as soon I can plan one more trip. I just don't feel like leaving this tranquil center. I wished i had planned a longer stay there is so much more to gain.

And we are sure you would say and feel the same way.

The Tranquil Space

The tranquility of the space ensures that your retreat holiday is meaningful and fruitful. It is a calm place surrounded by green cover, bird chirps You will experience being one with nature, experience the vastness, experience the sea breeze and more important the space would enrich your inner being.


Best of Both Worlds

The calming green surrounding, the entrancing meditations, the alluring wisdom, the quiet and open library, the spacious private room, the me-time cafe, the healthy meals, the warm hospitality, the sunny beach close by and a cool dip in the pool are the luxuries of the inner world and outer world combined that awaits you.

Meditation happens at Purnam

Meditation is about tapping the ever present inner tranquility and clarity. This happens when both the body and mind are relaxed. Just as sitting stops restlessness of the body a space conducive for meditation stops the chaotic noises of the mind. A space that is calm, clean, comforting, uncluttered and serene allows the mind to be receptive to inner intelligence.

The subtle finesse to this meditative space happens when it is charged with catalyst wisdom or jnana yoga. Purnam Meditation is such an ideal meditative space where meditation truly blooms. Come experience a never before permanent clarity and tranquility.

Watch the video with earphones to experience tranquility of the space.
Meditation Retreat Vs Exotic Holiday

If your focus is to unwind to find clarity then let that rejuvenation be carried back with you to your home, career, relationship, family and life. A temporary unwinding in any tranquil hill station or an exotic place is only a momentary distraction. It is essential that the break gives your the clarity to bring back home. The chances of this inner clarity happening is certain at Purnam Meditation center and retreat. Once you leave Purnam to get back to your home and work you are certain to carry the sunshine with you. It will be with you wherever you go.​

Why Purnam Meditation Retreat?

Apart from single most decisive factor - the direct interaction and guidance of the enlightened Master - Purnam Meditation Retreat has other unique reasons too. It gives emphasis to both inner and outer well being and abundance. Here meditation, clarity and solutions happens in many of the in-house activities, meditation halls, me-time, conversations and contemplation. There are no rigidity, no rituals, no compulsions. This is a serene and calm place that enables you to find inner serenity. A place where true transformation happens.

Retreat Details

The retreat is a posh villa nestled in a calm locality in Uthandi on ECR, Chennai, surrounded by green cover and just a walking distance to a clean beach. It must be experienced to realize that such a pocket of tranquility is present in Chennai. Every aspect of the retreat is to make it an ideal place to rejuvenate the body and mind.

How to Get Here

Purnam Meditation Retreat is at Uthandi Chennai. It is 3 KMs away from Shollinganallur OMR IT corridor, 9 KMs from Neelankarai and 26 KMs from airport. It is well connected by road and is on the Chennai - Podicherry highway on East Coast Road along the sea. Private cabs and public transports connect to the retreat.

Google Map search Keyword is "Purnam Meditation Chennai" would provide you the route map to reach here.