Simple Meditations

Simple meditations is an easy and effective meditation to rejuvenate your body, mind and atman. It works to gather oneself under any situation. Once learnt the right way it is easy to recharge the mind in a jiffy. It can be practiced anywhere and anytime.

There are no props required and no mudras. It taps on to the potent of the body, breath and mind.

Duration: 3 Hours

1-on-1: Yes

Venue: Online

Instructor: Senthil

It is ideal for those who can very little time or no time for themselves. It is ideal for those who would like to be recharged and ready before important meetings and activities including sport.

It takes not more than 5 minutes to refresh.It can be practiced even while at work or sports. It frees the mind of the stress and anxiety, enhances productivity and efficiency, improves attention, alertness and decision making capabilities.

"To me meditation was about closing eyes and focusing my attention between the eyebrows. I never found any great result until I did the meditation basics. I realized meditation was not about doing but being aware of what is. That was a paradigm shift. I now find joy meditating even at office for a short while whenever i need to energize"

~ Anirudh, Chennai, HR



Bringing awareness to the Self enhances involvement in every activity and action. Life is lived in full.


OM Meditation

OM mantra. When chanted with correct emphasis on reverberations makes one's life auspicious.

Sleep Well

A sound sleep rejuvenates the body and mind. Master this must meditation and slip into deep calmness every sleep.

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