Simple Meditations

Simple meditations can be practiced anywhere anytime to make your mind tranquil and clear. Once learnt the right way it is easy to recharge the mind in a jiffy. The day long calmness to handle tough challenges is just a simple comprehending away.

Meditation - Basics

Knowing the right nuances of meditation will quicken the reaping of the benefits, saves years of treading on the wrong path


OM Meditation

OM the pranav mantra. The right chanting with correct emphasis on reverberations brings much auspicious in one's life.


"To me meditation was about closing eyes and focusing my attention between the eyebrows. I never found any great result until I did the meditation basics. I realized meditation was not about doing but being aware of what is. That was a paradigm shift. I now find joy meditating even at office for a short while whenever i need to energize"

~ Anirudh, Chennai, HR

"TThere is no better meditation that is so simple yet so effective. It is super simple to learn and apply. That the OM is of 3 syllables A.U.M. and there is a manner to chant each syllable and there are variations with deep meaning in it was a useful insight. Thanks to Purnam meditation and I would definitely recommend my friends."

~ Aishwarya, Bangalore, Trainer

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Bringing awareness to the Self enhances involvement in every activity and action. Life is lived in full.

Non Guided

You could benefit from the serene meditative space. Meditate on your own in any of the meditation hall or garden.

Sleep Well

A sound sleep rejuvenates the body and mind. Master this must meditation and slip into deep calmness every sleep.

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