Sleep Meditation

Sleep is Essential to be productive

A sound sleep without dreams refreshes body and mind for next day challenge. Tossing on the bed side to side, deeply engrossed in thought of past and future, browsing the internet mindlessly late into the night deprives the mind and body of relaxing sleep. The next day begins on a low, tired and worn out feel. Stress, anxiety, depression will be the norm of day to day life. Sleep recharges you, gives you the energy and clarity to solve challenges, pick opportunities and live a fulfilling life.

Are you struggling to Sleep well?

If you are struggling to slip into a deep sleep without effort, without medication, without alcohol, or if your sleep is filled with many dreams or if you keep waking up few to many times or if you wake up tired, half asleep and dazed the morning then sleep meditation will help you find the necessary calmness to sleep deep every time.

What is Sleep Meditation?

Sleep Meditation is to bring awareness to certain calmer aspects of you. It is tapping into a reservoir of serenity within that fills your mind with calmness that is essential for a sound revitalizing sleep. A deep sleep naturally connects to this reservoir of silence to refresh the body and mind but when this is not happening effortlessly sleep meditation does that job for you.

Benefits of Sleep Meditation

  • Relaxed body and mind

  • A positive and happy mind

  • An energetic body

  • A creative an innovative mind 

  • A healthy body and many more

Sleep Meditation Programs

Book your sleep meditation program at Purnam Meditation Center. Choose from any one of these sleep meditation programs that suits you best. Learn simple sleep meditation for deep relaxation and rejuvenation. Bring back the zest and clarity back into your life. 

Good Sleep

1 Day / 2 Hours

A guided 1 on 1 sleep meditation that gives you the necessary techniques to induce sleep easily.

Sound Sleep

3 Day / 6 Hours

An advanced guided 1 on 1 sleep meditation to deal with insomnia due to depression, panic & anxiety

Deep Sleep

5 Day / 10 Hours

This program ideal for those who want to address the causation of sleep disturbance at its root and be free of it

Sound Sleep meditation program is very simple and effective that I sleep like a baby these days. I wake up each day with much enthusiasm and excitement completely refreshed and feeling light. I thought I was unfortunate not to sleep with ease like rest of the world but now I know I too am blessed. ~ Subramanyam, Nokia, Chennai

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