Spiritual Retreat

The best Spiritual Retreat in India for Spiritual Awakening & Self Realization.


A serene spiritual retreat to contemplate on Self for spiritual Awakening and Self realization. Interact with spiritual master for complete awareness of Self.

If your idea of spiritual retreat is more of a calm time to rejuvenate mind and meditate click Purnam Meditation Retreat

Tap onto your divine nature​

The Self is an expression of this divine cosmos but is currently ignorant of this. It is unaware of some of the subtler aspects of itself. The complete awareness of all aspects of Self makes the Self realize it is a continued expression of the cosmos. To know more watch the videos (unmute) below on what's Self Realization and How to Realize Self.

What leads to Self Realization?

1. Curiosity and Thirst to know about existence

2. Exposure to wisdom that brings clarity to realization.

Watch video (unmute) to get deeper insight.

Why Choose Purnam Spiritual Retreat?

For 3 Reasons that will put your spiritual growth on fast track

1. Remove stumbling blocks to your spiritual growth

2. Direct access to an enlightened master

3. Calm and tranquil place to contemplate.

2 Spiritual Program

There are two types of spiritual programs.

A. Structured - Suitable for the incipient into spiritual quest. There would be scheduled meditations - Chakra Meditation & Neti Neti, spiritual contemplation, sat-sang over the period of stay. There are both residential and non residential day programs of 1 to 10 days. Ask for a customized program.

B. Non Structured - Suitable for seekers who have deeper insight on life and consciousness but need more clarity to happen. There will be no scheduled sessions but the entire stay would be on a quest mode with many direct interactions - both 1 on 1 and group - with an enlightened master.

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But what happened over a week was phenomenal and fulfilling experience. I came to know more in depth about myself that I was not aware during 40 years of my life. The villa and the environment has got all the ingredients in tune with nature to be with yourself and contemplate on life. Most important of all, the time that I spent with Mr. Senthil is priceless. He is instrumental in helping me know and understand more about Self and life besides clearing my mind of confusions. I would suggest that anyone visiting this place should spend at least some time with him.  ~ Arshad, Infosys, Bangalore

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