Why Meditate?

Understanding Meditation

Meditation is the healing and nourishing of the root of human psyche for the ultimate flowering of human expression and experience.

Meditation frees the mind of anxiety and stress, cleanses the mind of negativity, calms the wandering mind, infuses clarity and energy for action, brings complete awareness in the moment and awakens the intellect towards Self realization.

What hinders Meditation?

As long the mind holds hearsay ideas, opinions and beliefs as reality there would be enough inner turbulence. Why? Because these ideas are in direct conflict with reality. An ignorant mind would be restless. For permanent meditation to happen the healing and cleansing of the mind of the wrong rigid beliefs is essential.

What is the most essential aspect of meditation?

The most essential aspect of meditation is wisdom. It is this wisdom that will heal and cleanse the mind of prejudices and beliefs. This clarity transforms the mind to be calm and serene internally and productive and efficient externally.

I used to wonder why my meditation is not transforming. I tried Purnam Meditation on the suggestion of my friend. I immediately realized the missing link is wisdom in the very first session with Senthil. I came to know that my sadhanas, techniques and practices of meditation only readied me to be receptive for wisdom but didn't make me wise or clear. It is like sowing the seed and waiting for the rains. With no rain there is no blooming. Similarly without wisdom there is no transformation. I gained so much clarity with my interactions and sessions that my friends and family are amazed by my transformation too. I would recommend Purnam Meditation to anyone who is looking to meditate the right way  ~ Guarishankar, Lawyer, Chennai
Why Purnam Meditation?​

At Purnam Meditation meditation practice and wisdom go hand in hand. The focus is less on techniques and more on wisdom and clarity. In other words the red hot iron is not left to get cold but more emphasis is given on transforming the mind. This way serenity lasts beyond the seat of meditation and percolates in every action you perform. It also means there are no rigid, tiring and boring practices that drains your motivation.

Guided Meditation Online

Meditate under the right guidance  directly from the master of meditation and life. It is a 1 on 1 guided meditation that address and customizes meditation to solve unique challenge and meet needs. Easy access to a master on meditation as a personal guide is sure way to usher in clarity and fulfillment in one's life. You can now master meditation online. Send a message and we will set up the video call.

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